Cheque Printing System

ChequeSystem software prints your cheques completely. It can print payee, date, amount, "a/c payee only" and all others.

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Point of Sales

A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. Much more complex than the cash registers of even just a few years ago,

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications

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Student Tracking System

With students venturing out to newer spheres and geographies, it has become important to develop faster and better student visibility systems.

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Logistics Management System

Many manufacturers manage materials, components and finished goods across multiple facilities. The more complex the logistics process,

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Inventory Management System

Automated Receiving of Assets which includes Reduces shipment errors, Billing sequence, Reduces manual labor.

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Hospital Management System

RFID system can be used to track patients, doctors and expensive equipment in hospitals in real time. RFID tags can be attached to the ID bracelets of all patients,

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Jewellery Management System

Many jewellery displays are set up daily and then stored in safes in the evenings, there is ample opportunity for loss of product.

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Library Management System

RFID Library Management uses Radio Frequency hardware and suitable software for the identification and accounting of Library Books.

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Material Management System

RFID technology, it is obvious that one has to tag all the concerned items, pallets or cases. This is also known as “e-tagging”. When these tagged objects

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Vehicle Management System

RFID Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification to seamlessly manage and control

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Visitor Management System

Enhances security by enabling security staff to check a visitor's identity during check-in, Extensive visitor reporting options.

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BioMetric Solutions

Biometric technology is the use of a unique human feature to verify a person's identity. The use of specialized software and hardware ...

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SupplyChain Management System

End-to-end visibility helps streamline the supply chain by promptly detecting, reporting, and resolving operational anomalies.

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Animal Tracking System

The necessity for proof of ownership and identification.Keepers to maintain records of origin, identity and destination of animals.

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