Supply Chain Management System

End-to-end visibility helps streamline the supply chain by promptly detecting, reporting, and resolving operational anomalies. It also allows shippers to track assets and shipment status in real time, with maximum traceability. RFID increases equipment, inventory, and business process visibility.

  Complex manufacturing processes can involve dozens of suppliers and tens of thousands of individual components. Addressing process issues at the sourcing stage can prevent costly errors later. The RFID overcomes the costly errors.

  RFID tagging and tracking major components before they are shipped, in transit and at the receiving dock, prevents costly shipping errors and production delays.

  Grouping components in RFID-enabled roll cages or reusable totes prior to shipment provides visibility into the shipping process and reduces errors and logistics costs

  Assigning a specific zone for each major component within the facility before the component is shipped, and verifying receipt with RFID reduces material management costs and reduces downtime.

  Tagging, grouping and tracking finished subassemblies by product, customer and final destination prior to shipment reduces production delays downstream.

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