Rfid Solutions

RFID is an electronic tagging technology that allows an object, place, or person to be automatically identified at a distance without a direct line-of-sight, using an electromagnetic challenge/response exchange. Typical applications include Access control, Asset Tracking, Library Management, Parking Management, Supply chain, Health card - Patient Management, Document Tracking, Jewellery Management, etc.

  The turnkey solutions and systems are developed using modern, robust and reliable active/passive RFID technology. We integrate a complete system or solution in the RFID technology right from its analysis and conception up to implementation and maintenance.

   highly competent team of veteran experts and consultants collaborate with the customers to understand the existing system(s) in order to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas and solutions that are perfect for the customer's needs. We even take care of all the mundane aspects of data collection and analysis for the customer and supply them with all the associated hardware and technology such as the RFID Tags, Labels, Contactless Smart Cards, Readers, Writers, Controllers, application software, etc.


  1. Supply Chain Management System
  2. logistics
  3. Inventory Management System
  4. Hospital Management
  5. jewellery management system
  6. library management system
  7. Material Management System
  8. vehicle mangement system
  9. visitor management system
  10. Student Tracking System
  11. Animal Tracking System

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